As It Is – The Fire, The Dark

As It Is provide us with our track of the day for The Fire, The Dark!

Architects – Death Is Not Defeat

Architects' poignant single Death Is Not Defeat is our track of the day!

Ravenface – Colder

Ravenface provide us with today's track of the day with their latest single Colder!

Chasing Dragons – I’m No Devil (I’m Just A Girl)

Our track of the day comes from Leeds rockers Chasing Dragons with I'm No Devil (I'm Just A Girl)

Hot Milk – Awful Ever After

Manchester emo-poppers Hot Milk provide us with our track of the day inn their latest single Awful Ever After!

Set It Off – Dancing With The Devil

Today's track of the day comes from Set It Off with their new single Dancing With The Devil!

New Years Day – Skeletons

Today's track of the day is the latest single from New Years Day - Skeletons!

Mayday Parade – Sunnyland

Today's track of the day comes from US emo legends Mayday Parade with their new single Sunnyland!

Dead Label – False Messiah

Irish metallers Dead Label are today's track of the day with their new single False Messiah!

Feral Family – Feed The Machine

Our Track of the Day comes from Sheffield's Feral Family. Fresh off the back of having several singles played on Amazing Radio and tours with the likes of YONAKA, Strange Bones, Blackwaters, Calva Louise, MINT and False Heads, the rockers have released a fantastic song that is our soundtrack to saturday!

With Confidence – Icarus

Today's track of the day comes from Australian favourites With Confidence with their new single Icarus!

SWMRS – Trashbag Baby

Track of the day today comes from SWMRS with their new single Trashbag Baby!

Rob Jarvis & The Mercury Sons – Four Walls

Today's track of the day comes from Rob Jarvis & The Mercury Sons with brand new single Four Walls.

Superlove – Book A Holiday

Today’s track of the day is the debut single from British alt-rock newcomers Superlove with their new single Book A Holiday! The track title is definitely something we are all thinking about doing as the winter weather gets colder, the lure of sunny climates becomes harder to resist! The band had the same idea as the say: “We have […]

NIGHTLIVES – Under The Radar

Today’s track of the day comes from Welsh starlets NIGHTLIVES with their fantastic new single Under The Radar! The track has been a fan favourite from the band’s live performances and it’s release as an official single has created a lot of hype across social media! Check out Under The Radar below;

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