Rising Insane – Burn

Today’s track of the day comes from Rising Insane with single Burn!

Credit: Jana Kuhs x Coreography
Rising Insane have a super cool single called Burn!

“‘Burn’ was the last song we wrote for Wildfires”, comments singer Aaron Steineker.

“We were somehow still missing a song with that certain something that you could start a show with. I can still remember the situation: I was getting dressed when the idea for ‘Burn’ popped into my head out of nowhere. I had to sprint upstairs to my cell phone before the idea got lost again and then made a three-minute video explaining the entire song to myself so that none of it would be forgotten.

“Within 2 hours, Sven (guitar) and I finished the instrumental, and after another day I recorded the vocals. It was by far the most fluid songwriting process we’ve ever had and we can’t wait to open our shows with that song.”

Elizabeth Birt

June 20, 2024

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