May 16, 2017 |

Desert Island Discs – Order of Voices

Desert Island Discs – Order of Voices

May 16, 2017 |

Without a doubt bands are inspired by the music they hear; both growing up and throughout their lives.

This time it is the turn of Order of Voices to take on our desert island discs challenge and let us in on their all time favourite albums.


One of my all-time fav albums is ‘On The Turn’ by Kerbdog from Ireland, it’s just packed full of great songs, great melodies. It can be crushingly heavy and at the same time massively melodic and epic. It’s just got a great spirit to it and has definitely influenced how I think about music and my place in it – the album is a bit of an undiscovered gem…I’d recommend it to anyone – there’s something on this album for everybody.


The reasons I’ve chosen this particular album above all others are too many to mention. I’ve always loved Radiohead since I heard ‘Creep’ when it was released as a single back in ’93. I loved their second album ‘The Bends’. They’d matured a lot since their debut album and I could spot a Jeff Buckley influence throughout. Fast forward to early summer ’97. Rock music was in dire shape and I found myself wanting more from music and the bands I was listening to. Radiohead at this point released ‘Paranoid Android’ – the first ‘single’ from OK Computer….and it was six and a half minutes long! And very proggy! It sounded like nothing I’d heard before and totally blew me away. Suffice to say – the rest of the album backed it up 100%. Very layered, amazing songs, dreamlike running order, timeless production. Absolute perfection. Radiohead at that point became one of my favourite bands. I’ve bought all their albums since and loved them all. They aren’t afraid to experiment and radically change direction from album to album but for me, OK Computer is a standalone classic album in ANY genre of music. It’s an album I’ll never tire of listening to again and again. Perfect!


A perfect album. What else can be said? Mr Reznor can do no wrong and it has it all!! I first got into this album in about 2001 when I first moved away from home. Every time I play it the memories of that time are so vivid for me. A timeless classic that leads you through its own universe and something that I could never get bored of!


A masterpiece! Dark, illuminating, bleak, simple, complex. It takes you through its own world. From the first time I heard it I was hooked and intrigued. As a musician, it was a major lesson in how to do more, emotionally with less.


The Deftones have it all, the heavy, the melodic, the melancholy, the emotion, a sound that has been often imitated but never re-produced. This is a killer album, with killer tracks – when I first heard the lead track ‘My Own Summer’ with its descending riff I was hooked, I’ve been a massive fan of the band ever since. They haven’t let up quality wise all through their career for me and I could have picked at least 3 of their other albums to accompany me on my desert island! A top band and a top album.