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    • The boys of Inspired & the Sleep here. We just released our new single ‘Stay’ yesterday which premiered on BuzzBands LA. Would love for you to consider at Alt Corner.

      Inspired & the Sleep – ‘Stay’
      Spotify URI: spotify:track:5ATRV6FYW0GNrCd3S1v5wG

      “Stay is our piece about swooning in the throes of affection. It doesn’t seem to matter where a lover stands in your life, if the emotions are there you can be convinced to stay the night.”

      – Inspired

      Inspired & the Sleep is the Los Angeles-via-San Diego based musical project of songwriter/producer Max Greenhalgh and multi-instrumentalist Bryce Outcault. With a revolving lineup of additional players, Greenhalgh and Outcault produce pop arrangements that are at once warmly familiar and sweetly off-kilter. Incorporating traditional indie-rock instrumentation with various electronic elements and vinyl sampling, the pop-rock outfit perpetually reinvents their sound while staying true to their groove-oriented backbone. Greenhalgh’s gentle crooning on matters of intimacy, introspection and love — both lost and found — solidifies the project’s pop ethos over an ever-shifting sonic backdrop.

      The project has been no stranger to the blogosphere, and has been featured on such sites as SPIN, Noisey, Pigeons & Planes Hilly Dilly etc. The live band has opened for various national touring acts such as Switchfoot, Sure Sure, Colony House, Mating Ritual, The Dodos, SALES, Moon Taxi, Cymbals Eat Guitars, etc. The band has toured nationally and played loads of SoCal venues such as Belly Up Tavern, The Casbah, Soda Bar, The Satellite, House Of Blues.

    • Luke Borsten says:


      I manage an indie rock husband-wife band in Portland, OR, called TENTS, that constantly makes badass, extremely inventive videos. The couple are crazy. They take a camera with them everywhere they tour and make these eye-popping vids, and write songs over them, which become material for the next album. This is an ongoing series on YouTube. It is edgy.

      Curious to see if you enjoy the format, or have any ideas on how we could make it stronger? And could I interest you in premiering their latest, and most ambitious video in the series?

      – Here’s a link to the latest, unreleased video:
      – The band’s one-sheet:

      – And a blurb:
      “In a content-forward universe, Portland-based “comfort pop” band, TENTS are re-inventing themselves. In doing so they have created an entirely new kind of phenomenon. It plays out a bit like a narrated music video, but is more so a glimpse behind the curtain. They are taking the concept of a production diary and expanding it to explosive new heights, in which a kaleidoscopic interplay of cinematic visuals, fresh songs, narrative, and philosophical musings make for a rapturous rollercoaster ride of a short film.”

      Thank you so much for your time!

    • Hey

      I’m the singer in Sail By Summer, a new band from Scandinavia. I’d like to submit a song for consideration and blog placement. I know there’s a lot of people reaching out, so thanks very much for your time. Please let me know if you need more information. All the best, William


      Sail By Summer
      Facing Dullness is the second single of melancholic Nordic band Sail by Summer. This is modern and organic. Fronted by Norwegian Grammy award winner William with his characteristic voice and his long time danish collaborator Jens Kristian behind the keys. Together they have created this universe inspired by the surrounded northern nature.

      Indie Pop • Indie Rock • No Autotune • Melancholic • Catchy


    • Hello, hope you’re well.

      We wanted to get in contact with you because our band LAKE ACACIA will be releasing a new single on the 22nd March and we wanted to ask if you would review the track. We’d love the opportunity to promote your page as well and we’re willing to give any mentions/shoutouts necessary. Any reviews we receive from you would be posted via our marketing campaign to all our social media profiles and shared around for a good amount of time to promote them. If you’re interested then we’ll send the track over and any other information you need about the band, track and other release plans.

      All the best,

      Tim (LAKE ACACIA)