Major Moment – Victim

Today’s track of the day comes from Major Moment with single Victim!

Major Moment have released the awesome single Victim!

“Victim is one of my favorite songs on the album. I got very angry after one of the phone calls with my parents, with whom we sadly don’t see eye to eye on a few sensitive and important topics. They are well educated as far as traditional education goes, but they never travelled much, never took much of a risk in their lives, they don’t go out, they rarely watch new movies, they are still relatively young, but live the same way they lived for the past 40 years, so their idea of the world is kind of dictated by  propaganda on TV. As their son, they think I don’t have enough authority to teach them. This song is what I want them to listen to and realize it’s about them.” vocalist Andrey Borzykin

Elizabeth Birt

March 29, 2024

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