Sea Legs – ‘Head in The Sand’

Having already created a buzz amongst the Leeds music scene, this catchy, thought -provoking track is one not to be missed!

The track lends itself to a cheery disposition, lyrically, the track deals with the struggles that come with day to day procrastination and distracting oneself with trivial things in an attempt to run away from life’s bigger responsibilities.

Listen Here:

Taking influences from alternative rock band ‘Wilco’ with their dry folk-rock verses, teamed with some Beatle-esque layered harmonies in the Chorus, this emotive and somehow uplifting track is a blend of pure indie genius.

‘Sea Legs’ debut single showcases their undoubtable talent, through their catchy lyrics and distinctive sound, and their ability to connect with their listeners on a much deeper level.

“I’ve been away too long” seems a fitting lyric for a band who have spent a significant amount of time perfecting their craft before releasing to the world.

Brad Biddlecombe

December 8, 2018

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