Today’s track of the day is brought to you by Welsh rockers SCAVENGERS with their new single DEADLOCK!

Welsh quartet SCAVENGERS are back with their second single DEADLOCK! The track is the highly anticipated follow-up to debut Bodysnatcher, released towards the end of 2018 and is more aggressive than it’s predecessor.

Vocalist Marek Ball says: “Deadlock is about me addressing and acknowledging how different a person I am to who I used to be, and seeing that change in myself, and deciding if I like what I have grown into, or if I do not – I still don’t know, and that is where this deadlock is; I don’t want to move forward until I know where I’m coming from.”
“We’re lucky, we set out to play music and make friends – and within a few short months we’re doing just that. The support we’ve seen has already blown us away, and we’re excited to keep pushing the project and make our new friends proud.”

Elizabeth Birt

February 26, 2019

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