Ryujin ft. Matthew Kiichi Heafy – The Rainbow Song

Today’s track of the day comes from Ryujin and Matthew Kiichi Heafy with single The Rainbow Song!

Ryujin has teamed up with Trivium’s Matthew Kiichi Heafy for new song The Rainbow Song!

RYUJIN mastermind Ryoji Shinomoto says about the new single: “We are very proud of this song. The song is a fusion of Japanese ’90s anime songs and power metal. We all absolutely love it! The video features nature footage of my hometown, Hokkaido, and Ainu tribal costumes, as I am very proud of the beautiful nature we have here. Matt arranged the lyrics, which were originally written about trout, and he also sings the chorus with me! Also, it’s the first song without growls and you can also hear my first high tone shout before my solo!“

Matthew Kiichi Heafy adds: “RYUJIN is a band who will take over the world. ‘The Rainbow Song’ is a track that I believe will bridge the gap, taking a whole new slew of fans to become RYUJIN-devotees. You’ll find yourself singing along on the first listen!”

Elizabeth Birt

January 2, 2024

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