RedHook – Scream 2

Today’s track of the day comes from RedHook with single Scream 2!

RedHook have a fantastic new single called Scream 2.

It’s yet another incredible track and follows on from 2020’s Cure 4 Psycho.

Vocalist Emmy Mack said: “‘Scream 2’ is the next chapter in a painfully relatable horror story for anyone who has survived narcissistic abuse. It’s about the aftermath of escaping the narcissist.

“Once you remove their power, they may continue trying to hurt you by whatever means remain available to them: vindictive mind games, smear campaigns, sending ‘flying monkeys’ to do their bidding, weaponising your trauma against you.

“This is a song about refusing to let them draw more blood. And, unlike the ‘Scream’ movie franchise, there will be no further sequels. This ends here.”

Elizabeth Birt

February 22, 2024

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