Meryl Streek – Suicide

Today’s track of the day comes from Meryl Streek with single Suicide!

Suicide, the single from Meryl Streep is both heartbreaking and incredible!

Streek said: I knew I needed a song for everyone who’s left us early. Suicide is a huge problem worldwide. People are struggling to survive—not everyone has the luxury of living a financially perfect existence, for example. I lost my dad and uncle to suicide and then the countless friends over the years who have also chosen to end their own lives. So this song is for anyone who’s left us too early.”

“The song speaks for itself. We all know how hard life is, and nobody in charge gives a sh*t that we lose people everyday to the pressures of simply trying to live. They ask us to pay into this life, but the incentives don’t add up.”

Elizabeth Birt

December 20, 2022

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