Mayday Parade – Looks Red, Tastes Blue

Today’s track of the day comes from Mayday Parade with their new single Looks Red, Tastes Blue.

Mayday Parade pull on our heart strings again (honestly, they’re almost torn completely) with the video for their latest release Looks Red, Tastes Blue. The track is lifted from their latest record, the critically acclaimed Sunnyland.

The video encompasses a mix of a studio performance and a heartbreaking narrative.

Drummer Jake Bundrick said: ‘We wanted to make a video that connected our fan base even more and ‘Looks Red, Tastes Blue’ was the perfect song to give us that opportunity. No matter what you’re going through in life, we’re there for you. We’re all the same and we’re more connected in this life than you know. We’re family.’

Elizabeth Birt

June 4, 2019

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