Maggie Lindemann – Hostage

Today’s track of the day comes from Maggie Lindemann with single Hostage!

Maggie Lindemann has released an awesome single called Hostage!

Maggie said: “Hostage, for me, is like peering through a window into my own mind. It’s about being caught in this strange limbo where everything around me, externally, is going well, but inside, there’s a relentless storm. The song is a cry for that person who can calm the turmoil inside me, a plea for solace amidst my own mental chaos. It’s raw and real – it’s a journey so many of us silently go through.”
“The hostage music video is like a visual echo of my inner turmoil. Waking up in this empty, enigmatic house, I’m lost in a loop of my own nightmares. It’s a journey of frustration and isolation as I find myself trapped, trying to reach out to a world that just doesn’t respond. The video mirrors the song’s themes of feeling captive within your own mind, yearning for an escape. That Rapunzel moment? It’s a surreal, haunting representation of longing for a freedom that feels just out of reach.”

Elizabeth Birt

February 9, 2024

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