LUNARS – No Way in Hell

Today’s track of the day comes from LUNARS with single No Way in Hell!

LUNARS have released the awesome single No Way in Hell!

Connor Ball said: “No Way In Hell’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever worked on. It came together in such an organic and natural way in LA with some of my favourite collaborators – Ryan from State Champs, Kanner and our producer/collaborator Matt Malpass who we’ve worked on all the LUNARS stuff with since its inception.”

He continues “The song is about realizing that the person you are with isn’t going to be that person forever, so why carry on wasting your time with them. I feel like it’s such a common theme these days where people get complacent and stay in toxic/unhealthy relationships.  When I think, in fact, it’s super healthy to sometimes realize and appreciate what you had and know that it can’t go any further. The main lyric ‘There’s no way in hell we’ll be together in heaven’ happened by such a happy accident where someone in the room said in a passing comment ‘there’s just no way in hell’ while we were talking about relationships and a lightbulb moment just flicked in all our heads.  That led to the rest of the song developing super easily. It’s one of them songs I’m always going to be super proud of.”

Elizabeth Birt

March 20, 2024

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