Lowlives – I Don’t Like You

Today’s track of the day comes from Lowlives with their new single I Don’t Like You!

Lowlives have dropped their fantastic new single I Don’t Like You!

“This song is my favorite track off our record.  The day we wrote it I sat back and ripped it on repeat for hours.” Declares drummer Luke Johnson

“The writing process for I Don’t Like You came about really fast,” singer/guitarist Lee Downer remembers. “I’d had the main riff of the song for such a long time, it’s pretty much the first thing I play when I’m trying out guitars and I oddly never tried to work it into a song. At the time we had a huge batch of songs written that were all pretty fast tempo wise, but I really wanted to have one that had that quiet/loud Pixies kinda vibe where it’s pretty much the same riff throughout the whole song.”

Luke continues: “We wanted to make sure lyrically it covered something real that we’d experienced but was also relatable to others, also with a chorus tag simple enough to remain burned into people’s brains for days.

“We’ve all had those people in our lives where it wasn’t right, but we failed to see it at first. Then something happens and you have that realization where you’re like, “whoa, what was I thinking” and you run a mile in the opposite direction yelling “I don’t like you, and your friends.””

Elizabeth Birt

February 25, 2021

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