Lille Venn – Sleepover Song

Today’s track of the day comes from Lille Venn with single Sleepover Song!

Lille Venn’s single Sleepover Song is really cool!

She says: “‘Sleepover Song’ was the song I needed to write to break through months of anxiety and, ironically, insomnia. In my early twenties, I had developed a fear of sleeping alone, a fear of dogs, a fear of being afraid of everything.”

“Yearning for simpler times where my thoughts weren’t going a thousand miles an hour, I started writing about good memories like sleepovers with childhood friends, where my only thoughts were about whoever I ‘like-liked’ at the time and my only fear was my mom coming to pick me up the day after a night of teenage mischief.”

Elizabeth Birt

January 5, 2023

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