Last Hounds – Snakeskin

Today’s track of the day comes from Last Hounds with their new single Snakeskin.

Last Hounds have released their awesome new single Snakeskin.

“In life, people make mistakes. It’s an unavoidable truth. Nobody is truly perfect. Snakeskin is a song about how people try to shed their skin in an effort to cover up lies, or simply because they aren’t happy with the person they have become or are turning into. Explains vocalist Mike Skelcher.

“Far too many people try to shed their skin to cover up actions they aren’t proud and have often caused collateral damage to innocent parties around them. One of the hardest lessons you will learn in life is that you will cause less harm and better yourself as a person by facing your demons head on and admitting to your own mistakes.”

Elizabeth Birt

September 14, 2021

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