Jamie Lenman – Killer

Today’s track of the day comes from Jamie Lenman with his new single Killer.

As we enter two months before the release of Shuffle (July 5, Big Scary Monsters), Jamie Lenman has revealed a killer (pun intended) new single Killer!

The track is his own spin on the classic song performed by Adamski and Seal.

Jamie says: “Although I’ve loved ‘Killer’ since Seal brought out his solo version when I was eight years old, it was probably the last track I considered covering overall. All the other pieces (on ‘Shuffle’) I’d been playing around with for a few years in my head but we started jamming this one out in rehearsal and we just knew it had to go on the record. I know lots of other artists have covered it, and who could blame them, but I’ve never heard any of those versions so this is wholly my own take and I hope people love it!”


Elizabeth Birt

May 9, 2019

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