Heart Attack Man ft. Awsten Knight – Like a Kennedy

Today’s track of the day comes from Heart Attack Man and Awsten Knight with single Like a Kennedy!

Heart Attack Man teamed up with WaterparksAwsten Knight for fab single Like a Kennedy!

‘Like A Kennedy’ is a unique song in my eyes. It’s a song I wanted to write for so long but had never gotten it completely right,” shares front man Eric Egan.

Once we nailed it as a band, it started taking shape beyond the album version. We’ve never had a vocal feature like this before, and we were beginning to wonder if that would be something we’d wanna explore.

He continued: “It’s important to us that features represent real life friendships. Fortunately Awsten already loved the demo version, so it was an easy ask for me. It just made sense. Plus, he brought some ideas to the song I wouldn’t have thought of, so I couldn’t be happier with the life this song has taken on.”

Elizabeth Birt

May 3, 2024

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