Halflives – jealous

Today’s track of the day comes from Halflives with single jealous!

Halflives has released the awesome single jealous!

Linda said: “jealous.” is the perfect example that songwriting doesn’t have to have any boundaries.
While I was writing it I was feeling that something out of my ordinary was about to happen and I didn’t force this one in any comfortable space. On the contrary I followed the flow and let it happen and here it is. Lyric wise it was very fun to write, once I unlocked the first idea for the chorus, which was a simple “okay, fine”, all the rest of the ideas started pouring and I wrapped them up in one afternoon (I love when this happens!). I’m very proud of how it turned out and it’s one step forward in my “adulthood” as a songwriter.

When I have to describe how this song sounds like or what it makes me feel I say “it’s the perfect soundtrack for a villain!”.
The song clearly talks about jealousy, and it takes a hypothetical situation to an extremely drastic and dark point. I loved crafting a crazy character, doing drastic deeds to get rid of a rival in love. It was very fun to picture in my head and it was even more fun to portray all this in a music video!”

Elizabeth Birt

April 12, 2024

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