Future Static – Chemical Lobotomy

Today’s track of the day comes from Future Static with single Chemical Lobotomy!

Future Static’s single Chemical Lobotomy is awesome!

Amariah Cook said: “It’s no mystery that this song is about getting a little too excited with substances during lockdown. It was a boring time and, apart from writing music, there really wasn’t much else to do. I had a massive bout of inspiration and decided to start writing the vocals to the instrumental (written by Ryan) when I was suffering from a massive hangover. I got up out of bed and decided to write about my lack of control in the hopes it would help me understand why I was putting myself through this and how to get out of it. As the song developed, I realised that if I just sang the chorus a third time at the end, it would allude to nothing changing, whereas I wanted to write something ending on the positive side of these experiences: the connection with my friends and how we were all in this situation together.”

Elizabeth Birt

December 22, 2023

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