Fangclub – Attention

Today’s track of the day comes from Fangclub with single Attention!

Irish rockers Fangclub are back with single Attention!

Fangclub’s vocalist Steven King said: “Originally ‘Attention’ was more of a delicate Elliott Smith type song. I was listening to a lot of Heatmiser, Elliott Smith, PJ Harvey, Soulwax, Placebo. We gave it a louder life with the guitars and drums. It has more of a burnt quality to it now. The performance is a bit more raw. It’s following the usual pattern but now the pattern is distorted or blurred.

“As far as a meaning to the song, I don’t want to ruin any possible meaning that a fan might get themselves from it. It’s more of a feeling for me. Like that feeling you get when you’re about to go asleep and you suddenly jump. The first few lines are as direct as I can be. Or maybe it’s just a rock song.”

Elizabeth Birt

April 10, 2024

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