Every Hell – The Watcher

Today’s track of the day comes from Every Hell with single The Watcher!

Every Hell have a fantastic new single called The Watcher!

Vocalist Will Gardener said: “The Watcher is one of my favourite tunes we have written so far. I started jamming the ideas of the riff and the sax hook a good few years ago now in lockdown, I kind of can’t believe it’s taken 3 years to get it finished and out there! The song is about a particularly unpleasant encounter that I had with a (previous band) Black Peaks fan in the early hours of the morning after a night out. After chatting with him for a while he suddenly switched up and got very aggressive on me, and I am still convinced to this day that the night could have ended a lot worse for me than it did.”

Drummer Mark Roberts added: “This was a super fun song to record! We knocked out the bones of the track live to tape at Middle Farm with Peter Miles then brought it home to add the tinsel at my home studio. This is our first track with Toby Stewart (Skin Failure, No Violet, Memory Of Elephants) on guitar plus we had some insane guest keys/synth noise and guitar added by the talented Adam Znaidi (The Physics House Band, The Go! Team) which really took it to the next level!”

Elizabeth Birt

March 5, 2024

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