Continents – Gaslighter

Today’s track of the day comes from Continents with single Gaslighter!

Continents’ single Gaslighter is brilliant!

Vocalist Philip Cross said: “The song is written about where the truth becomes a fog and your reality is rewritten by the narcissists twisted script. A quote I read before by Maranda Pleasant was ‘Changed behavior is the only apology, otherwise it’s just manipulation’ that’s basically what this track is about and the EP in parts such as the final song Gritted Teeth it all comes together to tell a story of a situation and what that situation can create or has created for example. The line ‘I’m afraid of these ghosts haunting this head, feeling left for dead’ means that you overthink a scenario and you’re second guessing everything undermining your own self-worth.”

Elizabeth Birt

December 28, 2023

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