Casey – Bite Through My Tongue

Today’s track of the day comes from Casey with single Bite Through My Tongue!

Casey have released an awesome single called Bite Through My Tongue!

Vocalist Tom Weaver said: “There are a handful of songs on How To Disappear that stem from the breakdown of my most recent relationship. This is the first on the record to touch on that, and it deals broadly with the extreme apathy and self-destructiveness that arises during a depressive episode; and how that impacts those closest to you.

“Often, when experiencing an episode of depression, my first reaction is generally to dissociate and distance myself from the world. That’s far easier to do when living alone; but when cohabiting (and particularly while isolating during the pandemic), it meant my partner would be subject to this level of apathy that felt impermeable to physical nor emotional pain. A type of numbness that would completely detach me from the reality of my life.

“This song is definitely an embellishment of those experiences; and doesn’t discuss the situation from a single perspective. It floats between the apathetic and the empath.”

Elizabeth Birt

January 3, 2024

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