Call To The Faithful – Knife to a Gunfight

Today’s track of the day comes from Call To The Faithful with single Knife to a Gunfight!

Call To The Faithful’s single Knife to a Gunfight is great!

On the politically-charged track, the band said: “This song is us taking aim at the government, the hopeless succession of party leaders and how powerless we felt to change anything. The odds are deliberately stacked against us by those with the power which they abuse and the desperate depths they will go to in order to keep the balance weighted in their favour. The metaphor of having a knife at a gunfight is representative of that power imbalance and how the public will always be the underdog in the fight for equality, but we want to inspire people to show that sometimes, if we work together, perhaps the underdogs can win that fight.”

Elizabeth Birt

September 27, 2023

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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