Bury Tomorrow – Death (Ever Colder)

Today’s track of the day comes from Bury Tomorrow with their single Death (Ever Colder)!

Bury Tomorrow are back with a bang with their new single Death (Ever Colder) and it marks the first release as a sextet.

Frontman Dani Wynter-Bates said: “Death (Ever Colder) is about relinquishing ties and is an ominous reaction to the pain, torment and discomfort life often presents us with. Using ‘Cannibal’ to solidify my ability to be open and honest with our fans about my struggle has given me clarity and the confidence to continue discussing mental health difficulties in my lyrics.”

Adding: Bury Tomorrow as a unit feel creatively inspired, driven and committed to pushing the band forward into bigger and better things and feel that DEATH is the door to that future.”

Elizabeth Birt

March 29, 2022

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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