Bowling For Soup – HRSA

Today’s track of the day comes from Bowling For Soup with their cover of Blue October’s HRSA!

Bowling For Soup have revealed another smashing cover – this time of Blue October‘s HRSA!

Frontman Jaret Reddick said:

“We met Blue October many, many years ago. Both bands are from Texas. We played shows together (I have a great story about a Yogi Bear cookie jar that I will save for another time). Then toured together. Then ended up with the same management company, that we still both share. Most importantly, we became friends…Family if you will. I always loved their music. But I think it was from as much of a curiosity stand point, as it was just liking what I was hearing. And maybe that is whey they are as successful as they are. The combination of both is something you just don’t find everywhere in music…Especially today.
The song “HRSA” is a true story. I think I was about 25 when I sat, sharing a bottle of Jack Daniels with Justin in a shitty hotel room, while we were both on tour supporting Sponge (The USA one…Not the UK one…That is Spünge). I asked him about the man in the song. And the nuns that prayed for him. I listened to all of it and I was fucking fascinated! This was REAL! Like, REALLY real!   
Jaret’s perspective on the track HRSA has changed somewhat in more recent times, following his own mental health issues:
“Many of you know that a few years back, I developed my own mental issues. I experience my first panic attack. Then Anxiety. Then crippling anxiety. I went to my Dr. I went to counselling. Things got worse. I got on meds. I decided to leave this band. Still things got worse. Bring on the meds. 
It took about 2.5 years of counselling, talking to my doctor, and trying different combinations of medications to become a fully functioning version of myself again. In that time, I almost lost my best friends, both in and out of the band. I gained a LOT of weight because I stopped moving and replaced activity with food and beer. But I made it. I made it out the other side. And here I am. 
Now, I listen to this song as a completely different listener. Now, on some small level, I guess I relate to it more. Instead of curious, I am understanding. And even with that, I can’t imagine the degree of things that Justin has fought, conquered and lived to tell his fans about. He writes books. He does story teller shows. And he does it in a way that is more honest and open that I think most of us would ever be comfortable doing.”
This is a song that Bowling For Soup hope can help those either suffering from mental health issues directly, or those that know someone who is dealing with those situations.
“I hope you get out of this song something that helps you. If it isn’t something to do with your own mental health, maybe you will see something you can apply to another person that you didn’t quite understand before.
Mental health is an epidemic. Especially in my line of work.  If you need help, ask. If someone needs help, be there! Most of all….Talk. Listen. Be kind. Be understanding.
I love you guys.

Elizabeth Birt

December 13, 2019

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