Black Coast – Mental

Today’s track of the day comes from Black Coast with their single Mental!

Black Coast have released another incredible single in Mental!

Charlie Hewitt said: ‘Mental’ is about questioning myself, why did l think being a certain way, a way that destroyed myself should be celebrated? Everyone goes through situations like this at some point and how other people deal with them determines how they move forwards.

“l revelled in this state for so long, thinking the way that l was being was okay, when I was losing everything slowly but surely. This song is both a question and reflection on trying to break out of that mindset and realising what you actually have got in front of you. You are a human, you are real, you’re not the only one like this and you can change the parts that want to break you if you choose to.”

Elizabeth Birt

November 5, 2021

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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