Another Now – Breathe

Today’s track of the day comes from Another Now with single Breathe!

Another Now recently released two singles – Breathe and Doubt. We love them both but chose to highlight Breathe as our track of the day!

Rik said: “I can be my worst enemy when it comes to getting into the creative process when self-doubt can eat myself alive. I used to have a big problem when working on a mix or a production of a song and knowing when something is done and I should let go. The last couple of projects there were a lot of sleepless weeks where I was just endlessly/mindlessly going over the same song/part over and over again, trying to fix things that never needed any fixing at all. But still going over at it because it had to be perfect. One problem is that you will never know when you have gotten the most out of it. Nowadays, I am learning to let things go more easily and be more kind to myself”.

Stef added: “This song means so much to us because we all strive for perfection. With this track we want to let ourselves know that it is totally fine to be not perfect and that we have to learn to let it go and enjoy the moment”.

Elizabeth Birt

January 24, 2024

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