Air Drawn Dagger – Title Fight

Today’s track of the day comes from Air Drawn Dagger with single Title Fight!

Air Drawn Dagger’s single Title Fight is great!

‘Title Fight’ is “An ode to rage and letting loose. A celebration of how beautiful and God-like we are when we fully submit to our emotions and don’t hold back. Like the moment the adrenaline kicks in watching a live band and the moshpit doesn’t hurt. The feeling of angry tears streaming down your face as you yell threats to the Heavens, picking fights you know you can’t win and the stars aligning when your brain goes into overdrive to exact the perfect revenge. Suddenly you feel real,” says vocalist Maisie.

She adds: “After a series of narrative heavy videos, we wanted to make something more performance based. That being said we couldn’t make a video completely void of world building. This video has vibes of being in the “up side down” or the “the other side”. We wanted to inject some elements of being in an afterlife/limbo to continue the trajectory from ‘Ghostsghostsghosts (Phantoms)’. There are elements throughout that are mirrored from previous videos and hidden props that enrich the video with story telling, adding depth to the ever expanding ‘Daggerverse’ “

Elizabeth Birt

January 30, 2024

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