Aerial Salad – Tied to Pieces of Paper

Today’s track of the day comes from Aerial Salad with new single Tied to Pieces of Paper!

Aerial Salad have released the awesome single Tied to Pieces of Paper.

“It’s inspired by something I read where Steve Ignorant from Crass was saying that basically, back in the day, humans had less reliance on money (not needing phones, broadband, and houses being affordable) meaning that, you could go and be a fuckin punk rocker and do a bit of cash in hand work and you’d be alright,” explains vocalist/guitarist Jamie Munro.

“These days the world is so driven by money and thus, employment, the song is a shout out to everyone that’s still trying to do creative endeavours alongside managing a fuckin job.”

Elizabeth Birt

March 26, 2024

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