wherethebirdssleep – Self-Titled

Alice Liguori had a listen to wherethebirdssleep self-titled EP and gave her thoughts…

Describing themselves as ‘4 emotional dudes’ on their Facebook page, and labelling their genre as ‘decide for yourself’, wherethebirdssleep are certainly an interesting listen.  It is very difficult to pin point their genre in any specific area, and the Polish quartet have a released a six-track EP that you’ll either love or hate.

It took me two listens before I was able to write about this EP.  It is very emotional, heart-wrenching and meaningful.  The vocals can be heard to listen to at first, especially if it’s not a genre you’re used to listening to – and as neither myself or the band can class them as a specific genre, this can be a challenge.  However, I soon warmed to this EP, understanding the emotions behind the songs, and appreciating the time and hard-work that went into it’s creation.

The six songs work really well together, the opening track ‘Cigarette’ really hooks you in, with sounds that are soft and melancholy you already get a feel for what this EP is going to be like.  Each song is short and sweet, the shortest song being 2 minutes 12 seconds, and the longest being 4 minutes 6 seconds.

The lyrics are simple yet powerful for each song, and the stand-out track for me, is ‘Burthen’.  It is more spoken-word than sung and has an opening guitar line that it is memorable. Fuelled with emotion and a wonderful, uncommon way to express the lyrics, this song is easily my favourite.

This EP is full of power, despite it being a relatively mellow listen, and I can’t wait to hear how wherethebirdssleep progress and to hear any future releases.


Alice Liguori

June 24, 2015

21 year old media student studying at Bath Spa University. A passion for videogames, photography, video editing and music.

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