Where Oceans Burn – The Faces We Portray

Where Oceans Burn released their really cool EP The Faces We Portray on February 9.

The record opens with AI. It’s short, coming in at 1minute 40seconds, but it’s intriguing as it builds from barely nothing up in intensity, slowly bringing in each member before a sigh and kicking in with the drums. There’s some brief vocals but the instrumentation is definitely the focal point here and it’s a good piece of work.

Dysmorphia is a great first full track. It has all the typical elements of a good metalcore song – great drum beat which is complimented by the bassline, cool riffs and good clean and scream vocals. The clean vocals aren’t as smooth as many in the genre but I quite like this as it makes Where Oceans Burn stand out. The track’s lyrics are interesting too.

Where Oceans Burn are joined by ten.56 on Static and the clean vocals in this are just hypnotic.

The atmospheric intro to Euphoria is well done. The lack of drums and bass in the verses allows the vocals to shine through before the intensity builds back up for the chorus. I like this switch, and the inclusion of some drums for the second verse. The synths are used well throughout.

The EP follows how people deal with different emotions, representing the struggles of the true self and how they are hidden to avoid being judged. Throughout the EP, the lyrics are  very relatable to anyone listening, and at least one of the tracks will click with you.

It’s a great EP that fans of metalcore bands including the likes of Northlane will really enjoy. The guest stars in ten.56 and SIAMESE are good additions too.

Elizabeth Birt

February 28, 2024

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