Voyager – Fearless in Love

Voyager finished ninth in the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest and were popular with people all over the world. The band recently released their latest album Fearless in Love!

Within seconds of opening track The Best Intentions, I feel like I want to get up and dance thanks to the fun synths. It has a catchy chorus too which is a great way to start the album.

Prince of Fire starts where The Best Intentions left off in terms of dancey synths but it turns the intensity up with a rockier opening riff. The lyrics are extremely repetitive (example: ‘I think I better’ three times in a row) and I think that loses me a little bit as it doesn’t add anything to the track. It does, however, bring me back with the breakdown around the 3.30 mark.

Ultraviolet’s guitar work is really cool but the constant repetition of lyrics drags the song down.

I do really like Twisted. It’s much more up my street. It has great instrumentation, much less repetition lyrically and I think it’s the best on the album.

Voyager were one of the most popular acts in Eurovision this year and I can see why with this record, but it doesn’t grab me as much as I thought it would.

It is a good album and individually, the songs are good but listening to the album in full is quite repetitive to the point where at times I didn’t realise that one song had finished and another had begun and it’s more like something I’d put on in the background rather than to actively listen.

Elizabeth Birt

August 18, 2023

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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