Voice of Baceprot – Retas

Voice Of Baceprot recently released their debut album Retas and it is a great record, which is full of inspiration for women everywhere.

The album opens with chanting on What’s the Holy (Nobel) Today? Before kicking into a punk track. It’s a good opening track and addresses themes including war.

PMS is a good track that shows off Marsya’s vocals whilst also highlighting and celebrating women who break boundaries and stereotypes, much like what the trio themselves are doing. There is a really nice guitar solo around the midpoint of the track.

I love the instrumentation in Age Orientated, which is also a true power-punk track.

The instrumental track Kawani allows each member to show off their talent as it switches from punk to acoustic-style and back, giving everyone the chance to shine.

(NOT) PUBLIC PROPERTY was released in conjunction with the U.K. Government to collect donations for victims of sexual abuse and it’s a very strong song, which has extremely relatable lyrics.

School Revolution talks about judgement and is very fast paced. It’s a good track to officially close the album (as the final track is a great live version of God, Allow Me (Please) to Play Music).

Voice of Baceprot are truly a band to admire, whether you like the music or not. The Indonesian trio focus on important topics including empowerment and celebration and are not afraid to be themselves in the face of opposition from conservative Muslims and stereotyping due to them wearing their hijabs.

This is a good debut album for Voice Of Baceprot and I look forward to what they do next!

Elizabeth Birt

August 15, 2023

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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