Violet Silhouette – FEVERBLUE

Violet Silhouette recently released their latest record FEVERBLUE!

Opening with Strange Wind, I was transported back to that good old 80s dance sound but with an added edge. The haunting vocals over the top add an edge and despite this not being a sound I would typically listen to. I really enjoyed it.

Hierda Demoniaca clocks in at just over six minutes long and it’s an interesting track which introduces some stronger vocals to the soft almost whisper like sounds of the first two tracks. At points it’s something I can imagine HIM and Ville Valo coming up with.

Set in Stone is very relaxing and has a good beat to it.

Violet Silhouette is not really something you’d have heard me say that I listen to before this EP, but FEVERBLUE has turned me into a fan. It’s such a relaxing record with some great synths and instrumentation and the melodic vocals work well over the top.

Elizabeth Birt

November 15, 2023

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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