Valhalla Awaits – Perdition

South Wales-based Valhalla Awaits boasts some pretty cool musicians who have contributed to Buffalo Summer, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, Revolver and The Blackout so there is high hopes for this EP. You can listen to Perdition from March 8.

Door of No Return doesn’t give you much time to think as it kicks straight into a good drum beat and guitar work. As the vocals kick in, I’m instantly reminded of some classic rock with the delivery.

Staring at the Gun is a song that definitely wouldn’t be out of place on an Alter Bridge record. Andrew’s vocal delivery is just like Myles’ in the track.

Is There Anybody Out There slows the pace right down for a rock ballad about wanting someone to take the pain away and needing strength inside. It’s the middle point of the EP and also the longest on the record, clocking in at just over 5 minutes. But it is a lovely song and one I can see myself replaying over and over again.

Perdition is described as being for fans of Alter Bridge and I can clearly hear the similarities but it is also different enough to stand alone as a class hard rock EP. Valhalla Awaits have done a great job! The EP is full of good riffs, great vocals and is delivered extremely well. It is a strong EP throughout, from opener Door of No Return, right through to closer All Hope is Lost. Each track individually stands out and would hold up on its own.

Elizabeth Birt

February 20, 2024

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