Trash Boat – Brainwork

Sean Gledhill had a listen to Trash Boat’s EP ‘Brainwork’ and here is what he thought…

I think that the best type of bands, are the ones that provide a good anthemic feel in their music.You know the type of feeling, that makes you wanna sing along at the top of your voice? Yeah that. Trash Boat are one of these bands.

With their debut EP Look Alive, Trash Boat are definitely a band you want to be getting behind, if you are a fan of pop punk. Since the release of Look Alive, they have been killing the UK scene, with their amazing live shows, which have such a spectacular energy to them that can’t truly be explained without seeing it in full.

The real point of interest however, would be their new EP brainwork. Keeping to the trend of their last EP, they strike again with 5 shiny new tracks and let me tell you they do not disappoint. Within this EP, it retains the whole anthemic feel of Look Alive and has you hooked almost instantly and keeps this through all 5 songs.

The first track Taylor, being only a minute long is enough to get you excited for the next 4 tracks to come. With its rather slow start, it begins accelerating and before you know it, it kicks straight into track 2 Saving Face. Saving Face is pop punk all over which gives you a good feeling as soon as you hit the first verse and keeps this feeling right to the very end. This is the type of feeling you get from all of their songs and what separates Trash Boat from other similar bands.

Perspective is the real point of interest within this EP. Being the single used to tease this release it was nice to hear this song again when tied in with the EP and is the type of song you will want to replay again and again. It is definitely one of their greatest tracks and has you longing to be at the front of a show singing the lyrics back at the band.

With only two songs to spare, first is As Seen on Screen, a song which keeps a very similar approach to the nice pop punk jam vibe which saving face has and next the grand finale Eleven . Eleven however is the song that ends this EP with a bang. It is everything you would expect to hear, if I told you it was a pop punk anthem. An explosive start, which calms down eventually to a section that has a potential for a sing along from the audience to the band which gets you ready for the final conclusion in which the final conclusion itself is a perfect way to end it all.

Brainwork may be one of the greatest releases this year in my honest opinion and only proves that Trash Boat are going to continue to grow and grow. Things can only go uphill from here for Trash Boat and I am excited to see what they have to offer next. They are yet to tour this new EP and I strongly advise you to get down to a show near you because this is the kind of show you will not be wanting to miss.

Sean Gledhill

June 2, 2015

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