Tiger cub – As Blue As Indigo

Tigercub released their new album As Blue As Indigo on June 18 and it is one of the albums of 2021.

The band open the record with the title track – an eerie intro is followed with haunting but captivating vocals. Then all of a sudden it kicks into a rhythm heavy piece of rock perfection. The contrast between the instrumentation and the vocals makes for an incredible start to the album and shows why there is a lot of hype surrounding Tigercub.

Sleepwalker continues the strong start and has me wondering why I hadn’t really listened to Tigercub much before now.

I had to do a double take at the start of Stop Beating On My Heart (Like A Bass Drum) as the vocals sounded similar to Harry Styles, the beginning sounds like something you would find on one of his records, but then it kicks in with some good drum beats on the chorus. It’s one of the standout tracks. The chorus lyrics are extremely catchy.

As Long As You’re Next To Me perfectly captures the interesting indie rock style many have tried to perfect but failed. This is one that has fallen on the right side of that line. It’s one that’s been on repeat since the album dropped in my inbox.

From the first two songs, I had a strong gut feeling this would be one of my albums of the year and it did not disappoint me. The entire record is full of classic rock riffs which stick in your head like a very welcome ear worm.

Don’t sleep on this record.

Elizabeth Birt

June 23, 2021

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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