Suffocate Faster – This is the Way Vol 2

Suffocate Faster released their second EP This is the Way Vol II in November, completing their two-part release after more than a decade away from the scene.

This was an interesting one to review as there are just two songs on the EP, which follows suit from its counterpart This Is The Way Vol 1 which released earlier this year and also had two tracks.

Opener Time Flies is brutal. It has great breakdowns and guttural vocals but it ends quite abruptly.

Track two – It Ends Now – you could convince me was the exact same song with the way it starts however it is slightly more melodic with its guitar work.

It’s been 17 years without music from Suffocate Faster and then they drop these teaser EPs. I’m probably not the intended audience for this EP as I’m not really into hardcore metal like this but it’s not a bad sound and I appreciate the ingenuity of the short releases.

Elizabeth Birt

January 9, 2024

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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