Strike Anywhere – Nightmares Of The West

Richmond Virginia based punk outfit Strike Anywhere make their first release since 2009 with this new 7 track EP titled ‘Nightmares Of The West’

Basically, 11 out 10… Go and buy it… NOW!

The opening track ‘Documentary’ grabs you straight away, a catchy guitar riff to open before coming straight in with an energy that is continued throughout this  track EP. Track after track is banger after banger. I was tapping my foot and nodding my head the whole way through, not once bored with a. Single moment.

I can see why they chose Frontier Glitch as the single. It’s short and sweet, catchy as you like and embodies everything you can expect to hear in this EP. I really liked the cover of Opener, originally by Block as well. Giving the London punks some love while simultaneously making it their own. A job well done there I have to say.

I really liked the choice of ‘We Make The Road By Walking’ as a closing song as well. Dynamically it’s a perfect fit with the change of pace to a half time section to end, almost like a breathing space to reflect on everything you’ve just heard.

It’s absolutely amazing. It ticks all the boxes for me… Attitude, melody, balls, meaning, feel, the list goes on. Through my teens Senses Fail were one of my favourite bands and this just took me straight back there. It’s a rebirth of that sick American skate punk sound. Sonically it sounds similar in places to a lot of the recycled pop punk rubbish doing the rounds, BUT, and I must emphasise this… This EP stands out big time. Just because it sounds a bit like that doesn’t mean it is. There is something about this release, it speaks to you. It’s exactly what that scene and sound has been missing for quite some time. It really is a triumphant return for Strike Anywhere.

There is one criticism to make though… There weren’t enough songs. I was enjoying it so much that when it came to an end I was left wanting more.

I’ve tried to keep this as short as possible without giving too much away because I could go on and on for ages about it. The bottom line is this release is relevant, it’s refreshing and just go and grab it, take it in for yourself.

Favourite Tracks – The Bells/Imperium Of Waste.

For fans of Senses Fail, Counterparts, Etc.

Released Friday July 17th 2020 via Pure noise Records.

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Morgan Weeds

July 22, 2020


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