South Of Salem – Death of the Party

Brighton hard rockers South Of Salem will release their second album Death of the Party on January 19 through their own Spider Party Records and it is an absolute stunner of an album!

Opener Vultures doesn’t give the listener any time to prepare as it kicks straight into a fantastic riff. I’m immediately hooked as I get some self-titled era Black Veil Brides feels from the track, from the guitar work to the vocal delivery. The drums and guitars towards the end of the track are really fun and genuinely sound like they’ve come straight from a BVB track.

It has a very catchy hook and the guitar work throughout is great, rounding off a stellar first track which leaves me wondering if this can only get better or am I being set up for disappointment?

Luckily for me, I am not set up for disappointment. Static follows up with a brilliant chorus and some downright inspiring lyrics about being what you want to be and talking about how life only has one take and no remakes.

We slow down the tempo a bit for Hellbound Heart, which strips back the instrumentation to allow the drums to shine through before kicking back in for the chorus. It’s one of my favourites on the album.

Bad Habits (Die Hard) is definitely a great one for a live arena. With an extremely catchy chorus (and a singalong hook for easy crowd participation), it’s good fun. Lyrically it’s also one of my favourite tracks, talking about not being able to give someone up. The titular track also has a huge chorus.

I really relate to the lyrics of A Life Worth Dying For and it’s a great track too.

Death of the Party is one of the best hard rock albums I’ve heard. It is full of catchy choruses, sick riffs, perfect drums and lyrics that will be in your head for a while. However I think it’s mis-titled as this will definitely get a party going! I think it could be an early contender for the 2024 albums of the year. It’s definitely set the standards high for what the rest of 2024 has to offer!

Elizabeth Birt

January 17, 2024

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