Snow Coats – Pool Girl EP

Dutch indie pop foursome are still riding high following a Dutch Indie XL chart number one a few months ago, and their talent shines through in four tracks of glorious bubble gum pop in their latest EP, Pool Girl.

Recorded in the group’s self built studio earlier this year, Pool Girl is a product of pop influence driven by surf and indie rock energy that the band spent time tinkering with to get the perfect sound.

Each track is underpinned by the long-standing mandolin and a simplicity that makes for easy listening. The title song and the first single from the EP also introduces the crisp vocals of lead singer and lyricist Anouk van der Kemp.

It’s the lyrics that Anouk so sweetly sings that elevate these four slightly repetitive songs – each track is fun to listen to, but there’s a strength in some of the more thoughtful lines that just bring them up another level. Her knack for simple yet beautiful turns of phrase and relatable experiences are evident and a joy to listen to.

This is one of those bands that you can tell enjoys what they’re doing and want to make people smile, and it works.

The band promises big plans for the future and I’m sure wherever that is it will be fun.


October 2, 2020

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