Saint Agnes – Bloodsuckers

Saint Agnes recently released their new album Bloodsuckers and it’s one you must listen to!

A whispered ‘bloodsucker motherfucker’ opens the titular track and the immediate screams that follow it grab your attention immediately and that’s gives a taste of what’s to come.

It’s an angsty punk track and Kitty’s vocals are perfect for it. The chorus is repetitive lyrically but that works well and will be good live.

Instrumentally it sounds like most punk tracks with heavy, prominent drums and low bass.

Animal calms things down with a more seductive sound, cutting right back on the instrumentation during the opening verse and then kicking up the intensity for the chorus before slowing back down on the return to the verses.

I Mean Nothing to You has a mellow chorus which is extremely catchy whilst Outsider is more of a rock track. It talks about finding another outsider like you and how you don’t have to worry about being yourself because you’re never alone.

This is Not the End slows things right down with a basic, calm, melodic instrumentation providing the underlaying melody for Kitty to pour her heart out. As Kitty’s vocals increase in intensity, so does the instrumentation before tapering back off to close the song with a very calming instrumental that has an overlay of static-like sound and also a bit of children playing.

At War With Myself is a well-written track from both the instrumentation and lyrical points of view. The lyrics are extremely relatable, talking about the feeling of saying and doing the wrong thing and losing yourself. The instrumentation is slightly disjointed but in a good way, there is repetitive sounds throughout before the riffs kick in with some distorted synths popping in and out. It gives the feeling of chaos which is something that being at war with yourself could make you feel like.

Saint Agnes are joined by Mimi Barks on Body Bag and it’s angry and in your face. Both vocals work well together and compliment each other but it ends just as rapidly as it starts, clocking at less than two minutes.

Closer Forever and Ever is the longest on the records at just under six and a half minutes. It switched up the intensity throughout and is a good song.

Saint Agnes have created a really good album that crosses a range of genres. Each of the tracks has a lot of repetition which can work well for keeping fans involved in live shows but at times I felt it was unnecessary to have as much repetition of specific lyrics.

Elizabeth Birt

July 26, 2023

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