Ryujin – Ryujin

Japanese metallers Ryujin have released their awesome self-titled album!

The album opens with Hajimari, a 41-second instrumental atmospheric piece, with the only vocal sound being some battle-style cries in the background. It is a great track to entice you into the record.

We kick the full-length songs off with Gekokujo. Straight off the bat it is in your face with some great guitar work. I absolutely love the instrumentation, it has a very oriental theme and one of my favourite things from overseas bands is when they incorporate some of their culture into the music.

Trivium’s Matthew K Heafy features on four songs in the album, with The Rainbow Song being one of them, and one of the band’s recent singles. It has a really cool instrumentation to it. It’s probably my favourite on the album alongside Kunnecup although they are completely contrasting songs! The Rainbow Song has more melodic vocals including some gang melodies and is a lighter sounding track, whilst Kunnecup is fast, in your face and a great song with scream vocals popping up occasionally. The guitar work in Kunnecup is absolutely insane!

Saigo No Hoshi is on the album twice, once with and once without guest star Matthew K Heafy. Both versions are really good and I enjoyed them, it’s great that the song works so well with and without a guest vocalist.

I would have enjoyed the album a bit more if I could speak Japanese however, as I really enjoy listening to the lyrics themselves when it comes to songs. Ryujin are great at mixing up English and Japanese lyrics and it sounds really good, I just wish I could understand the Japanese better.

But aside from that, this is a great metal album! It’s full of insane guitar work, in your face vocals and absolutely fantastic melodies and it is definitely one I’d have on in the background.

Elizabeth Birt

February 2, 2024

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