REVIEW: Tremendous – Transcendence on the Cheap

British rock act Tremendous will release acoustic EP Transcendence on the Cheap on July 26. Lizi had a listen to it!

British rock act Tremendous has gone back to the basics for a stripped back, acoustic EP with Transcendence on the Cheap.

Opening with Hell to Pay, there is a nice, calming guitar line and as the vocals kick in, they’re soft and haunting. Lyrically, it’s a dark but still relaxing tone talking about there being hell to pay and wishing about wasting away.

Innocent Soho kicks off with a more upbeat sound and the vocal melodies are beautiful. It’s simple lyrically, talking about wanting to find the way home.

I really related to the lyrics in Built in Better Ways, particularly ‘I’ll be waiting for the day when I’m built in better ways.’ I love the analogies throughout the track.

Sometimes when rock musicians go stripped back, their vocals really don’t suit the acoustic sound, but Tremendous is not the case here. The vocals work really well with the simple, stripped back sound.

Mark Dudzinski said: “The EP is a straight up stripped down intimate acoustic affair. It’s intended to massage rather than attack the ears, unlike the Rock ‘n’ Roll assault that was the debut album “Relentless”, and he is right. It’s a lovely listen and is relaxing. The lyrics are well written and thought out and it’s literally music to the ears.

Elizabeth Birt

July 11, 2024

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