Review: Blackgold- Back With Another One

Blackgold are back with their third EP, aptly titled Back With Another One! It’s a good nu metal EP that will definitely attract classic fans of the genre!

Blackgold release their new EP Back With Another One on May 10.

The mysterious nu metallers have been making waves over the last two years and this EP definitely shows why.

International Touring kicks the EP off with a ringtone and an angry, distorted phone call about cockblocking the band but they’re coming back and there’s nothing that can be done about it. It’s less than a minute long and is an interesting start to the EP.

It ties in well to introduce the first actual track – and titular song – Back With Another One. There’s some nice instrumentation as the rap kicks in, it’s a catchy chorus and the samples used are pretty cool.

Social Blackout is meta commentary on life, particularly during lockdown and focusing on becoming addicted to phones and social media. It’s a very accurate track and if there’s one to check out, it is definitely this.

Today’s My Day reminds me at times of a cross between Attila’s angst and Rob Zombie’s vocal style.

I’m usually pretty iffy when it comes to nu metal but Blackgold are quickly becoming a favourite. I think it’s because they have the classic sound that was popular in the early 00s but have put their own spin on it as is clear throughout Back With Another One.

I love how the instrumentation kicks it up for the choruses but is quite basic during the verses to allow the lyrics to shine through. There are some good breakdowns and the samples are fantastic.

Elizabeth Birt

May 10, 2024

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