Pulo Revé

Rhio listened to Pulo Reve’s new EP and gave her thoughts on it here…

Pulo Revé are a five piece progressive post-hardcore band from Saint Albans, UK. June 30th witnessed the release of their first four track EP, which is refreshingly titled ‘The ÉP’. Upon listening to these tracks, it may be suggested that Oisin the vocalist throws off some serious La Dispute vibes, however, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t sporting an individual spark that people are so desperately clawing for. The vocals seem to flit back and forth between spoken word (which borders on a series of barking), shouting and at their most aggressive peaks can involve a few screams. This is all combined with heavily layered guitar licks and punchy drum beats, which really makes the post-hardcore label shine through.

The opening track ‘Live Long and Last’ has a fast intro, which gradually breaks down and allows for the entry of the spoken word that was previously mentioned. In all honesty, I really admire the diverse vocal styles and how they shift amongst various phases – starting off softer and controversial and then rolling into abrasive and jarring – and yet managing to allow for heartfelt sing-a-longs halfway through. The EP then leads into ‘And There Lies His’, which contains some gnarly guitar riffs and catchy lyrics that may leave you calling to your entourage so that you can indeed “coexist” as the song so aggressively instructs. ‘Beautiful’ has an incredibly tight opening, and follows suit with more major riffs that quite frankly force my arms to perform dodgy and yet rather ambitious air guitar movements. Lastly, ‘Of All The Bodies In All The World’ closes this broody, angry and air punching EP. This track is by far my most favoured, as it contains a fair amount of spoken word, with the precise measurement of angered shouting.

All in all, this EP as a whole is excellent exposure for the band which have an interesting and intriguing sound. They definitely deserve a listen, and I am expecting some great things from these guys, so watch this space.


Rhio-Amber Bowditch

July 12, 2015

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