Honey Pot – Demo 2014

Honey Pot are Alex Hall (from Late Nights & Long Drives) and Jake Griffith playing beautifully crafted emo acoustic music.

This Legend – It’s In The Streets

This for me, is what pop punk is all about. It seems a lot of former heavyweights within the genre have lost their way by leaning more towards the pop side of it instead of the punk and this is why I am so relieved This Legend show that there is still bands who create honest pop punk.

A Year Today – We Are The Young

In March their debut 4 track EP "We Are The Young" is scheduled to be released and we were lucky enough to be able to hear it and share our thoughts.

Grown Apart – Second Home

Second Home is their debut release and it is a real punk feast as songs vary from different origins and genres.

The Persian Leaps – Drive Drive Delay

"Drive Drive Delay" is the sophomore release from the Minnesota based 3 piece and it builds upon the praise and acclaim of their debut, "Praise Elephants".

North Seasons – Eyes For The Blind

Drawing influences from bands such as While She Sleep and Hundredth, its clear to see why North Seasons have gained a considerable amount of attention. Although their sound isn't unique it is consistent and makes them an impressive upcoming outfit within the hardcore scene.

Treasures – Alive EP

The band cites alexisonfire, Thursday and Young Guns as their influences and whilst I can see them shine through, I really see treasures as a more softer and melodic Letlive with punk vocals shining through and exquisite instrumentals which blend so well it’s like bread and butter.

Creeper – Creeper EP

Make no mistake, the Southampton lads have made a brilliant start for themselves, and you can guarantee that this EP will make you want to take up skateboarding and graze your knees all over again while dressed in your dad's leather jacket.

Spanish Wives – Warm Springs

All three songs on this EP have an emotionally charged, driving beat and guitar tracks, proving that a two piece band with talent doesn’t need anyone else to beef up the music.

Pressures – Misery Loves Company

Pressures are a four piece metalcore band from London. The release of ‘Misery Loves Company’ serves as their full EP debut and what a triumphant way it is to announce themselves.   In a genre filled with bands which are often hard to tell apart in terms of their sound, Pressures put their own spin […]

Pretend Happy – Mood Swings

Pretend Happy formerly known as Framework have released their debut EP Mood Swings. The 3 piece from Barnstaple have created a very 'emo' themed album which features some really high points as well as some lows.

Six Time Champion – Expecting Honesty

Six Time Champion have released their second EP in the form of Expecting Honesty. The Brighton based 5-piece take on the extremely hard to perfect challenge of genre blending. Fortunately for them, they do it well by combining catchy pop melodies with hard hitting instrumentals which wouldn’t sound out of place within some of the […]

Weak Knees – Progress

The EP is a mature yet fun effort, which is surprising considering this is their first release. Its diversity is where 'Progress' really excels, providing something for everyone. There are the faster paced punk rock songs such as 'Lost Your Way' and 'Progress' then, the more slower and melancholy but equally as brilliant "Familliar Strangers" and "Juan".


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