Blood Youth/Trash Boat at The Barfly Camden

The Barfly in Camden is a small yet respectable venue, which has witnessed many bands arriving through its doors in hopes of creating an atmosphere of pure music bliss for fans. On this occasion the venue was taken over by Blood Youth for their "Inside My Head" tour...

Downers – Noose

With fuzzy gained up guitars and strangely soothing vocals over the top, Downers' new EP Noose takes us on a trip right back to the roots of grunge music. The 3 track EP consists of heavy guitars blasting power chords right down your throat during instrumental breaks, whilst giving generally stripped back verses consisting of calming vocals, straight drum beats and eerie clean/reverberated guitars.

NASS Festival Review

‘My marbles are somewhere in that field.’ – A man named Dave. Once again the summer festival season has hit the ground running and everyone seems to be going mad for it. None more so then the humble Nass festival which is situated in South West England at the prestigious Bath and West Showground’s and yours truly was lucky enough to gain access to report the Simmonds Standard.

Eva Plays Dead ‘Sounds Of The Written Word’ EP Launch, Glasgow

Eva Plays Dead came to Glasgow's Broadcast for the last stop for the 'Sound of The Written Word' EP launch tour. Here is what Gareth Rooke thought of the evening.

Homebound – Permanence

Surrey based pop-punk 5-piece Homebound released their brand new EP 'Permanence' last week. George Scott had a listen and decided that it's not anything groundbreaking...find out why here...

The Endeavour – Voyage

This band are “the answer to the questions you’ve been asking for far too long”. Once you’ve heard this EP you won’t be able to read that sentence again without singing it. That is ‘The Endeavour’ effect. Make sure you check out ‘Voyage’.

Megalomatic, Twin Heart, Peur and Mantis Toboggan at Stereo, Glasgow

Gareth Rooke reviewed Megalomatic's two year anniversary show that featured suppot from Twin Heart, Peur and Mantis Toboggan. The evening took place at Stereo in Glasgow and here is what the thought...

Trash Boat and Blood Youth (Clwb Ifor Bach)

So it was off to Cardiff for me again to see the Welsh leg of the Trash Boat/Blood Youth joint headline tour. Last time I went to the downstairs room in Clwb Ifor Bach was for a intimate meet and greet and acoustic show with American pop-punkers Set It Off, with the main event being held in the larger room upstairs. So to see a proper gig in the small room without a stage was going to be a different experience.

Room 22 – Ricky Spanish

Anyone looking for a super talented, incredibly young band needs to look to Room 22. For fans of Green Day, these kids are absolutely killing Hull right now, and aren't stopping there with the release of new single 'Ricky Spanish'.

Get Up Go – You Jump I Jump

There's nothing more exciting than reviewing an EP by some fellow fast food lovers, which may have swayed me to like Manchester pop-punk band Get Up Go a little more than it should. This review is probably now entirely biased and redundant as a result. Drummer, Ross, even has the band's name on his bass drum skin mimicking the Burger King logo. I'll have fries with that any day.

Bearing Loss – Burdens

Hardcore 4-piece Bearing Loss just dropped their debut EP, Burdens, and it's massive. Like, it's well heavy, it's full of fat, chuggy riffs, and it kind of freaks me out, but I also like it, and I'm not sure how to feel...

Young Guns w/ support from Twin Wild and Contours @ Welly Club, Kingston-Upon Hull

Welly, to me, seems like an unlikely venue for Young Guns to play in this day and age. But they left one word to describe this gig and that word is intimate. When a huge band, such as Young Guns, who play internationally decide that they want to play in a 200 capacity music venue in the small city of Hull, you can imagine it gets hot, it gets sweaty and the atmosphere is better than ever...

Area 11 San Tour In Glasgow. With Support from Yeah Detroit

Area 11 are a perfect fusion of J rock with western rock. The electric rock feel to their songs gives you a fun, happy feel and it shows on stage as they really know how to have fun. It felt that like they were just jamming in the garage and you (and 150 others) were just watching them have a mess around. Read full review here...

The Decline – Resister

George Scott reviewed The Decline's latest EP 'Resister'...

Orchard Hill, Callahan, White Clouds and Gunfire, Marty Jackson & Pacific View @ O2 Academy 2, Newcastle

Orchard Hill, Callahan, White Clouds and Gunfire, Marty Jackson & Pacific View played the O2 Academy 2 in Newcastle and Gareth reviewed the evening!


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